Taking The Sting Out Of The High Cost Of Enterprise Satellite Ownership

Enterprise satellite just doesn’t work the same way as residential internet. The cost of the hardware in residential internet is typically subsidized by the ISP to make the cost of entry much lower for the consumer. Residential ISP’s can do this for several reasons, they have a much larger customer base, they use smaller less expensive antennas, the cost of installation is lower, and of course they use long term contracts to ensure they recoup their costs. 

cropped-rentaldish.pngEnterprise class satellite systems don’t have these advantages. The antennas, are larger and more complex, the installations are also typically more complex and many enterprise satellite ISP’s offer various contract terms ranging from daily to 36 months. This makes it difficult to reduce the cost of hardware and installation.


We at Remote Communications LLC want to help with this issue and so we have developed some new options for our customers. We have provided the following leasing options to our new customers. All of the following options include, the satellite antenna, an HN 7000 modem and standard installation. As always a leased HN 7000 modem remains the property of Remote Communications at all times.


Equipment Lease

$49.00 monthly. With this option Remote Communications will provide the satellite antenna, modem and standard installation needed for your minimum 12 month term account. If you ever choose to stop using our service we will come out at no extra charge and uninstall the hardware from your property.


Lease To Own

If you want an option that will end with your ownership of the hardware this is for you.

$99.00 for 24 months for a .98m system. This is essentially a financed ownership option. After 24 months we will discontinue the $99 charge and you will have paid for the equipment and installation as always the modem remains the property of Remote Communications and must be returned on service termination.

$99.00 for 36 months for a 1.2m system. Terms and conditions apply as above with the .98m system.

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