Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions

There’s far more to the internet than just getting an internet connection. What do you need a connection for?



Research (google)?


Phone Connections?

Do you upload more or download more?

Specialty Software, such as a VPN connection or IP Tunnel ?

We will help you work through all your usage to arrive at a program that will work best for you.


High Speed KA Satellite 25 Mbps

Our High Speed KA satellite offers you 25 Mbps download speed. This high speed satellite has a low QOS value which makes it very cost effective for most users. Ideal for downloading video clips, performing standard business functions such as MS office, google, and email and able to connect a single voice line. Our high speed satellite will work great in your small field office, RV park or Man camp. Larger sites performing the same internet functions may benefit from multiple systems installed across your locations.

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