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Cellular Data Plans

Plan Name Description Required Hardware
(Purchased Separately)
Monthly Service Price
Small Office Home Office
Cellular Internet for Small Offices & Home Offices up to 100 Mbps download speeds. Suitable for VPN, VoIP, Gaming, Streaming and other internet activities for up to 5 concurrent devices Peplink Max BR1 Mini Cat 4 $149.99
Small & Medium Enterprise
Cellular Internet for Small & Medium sized offices up to 100 Mbps download speeds. Suitable for VPN, VoIP, Gaming, Streaming and other internet activities for up to 25 concurrent devices Peplink Max BR1 Mini Cat 6 $199.99
Advanced Enterprise Cellular Internet up to 150 Mbps suitable for offices with over 25 concurrent devices. Suitable for VPN, VoIP, Gaming, Streaming and other internet activities. Cradle Point AER 1600 $249.99
Mobile Internet Cellular Internet up to 150 Mbps for on the go activities. Uber/Lyft drivers, Public Transportation, Fire, Police & EMS and any other Vehicle applications requiring a ruggededly cased mobile router CP COR IBR 900 FirstNet (Band 14) accesible, Class I, Div II $249.99

It may not be necessary to purchase a cellular modem from us. We may be able to provide service to you on a device you already own. It must be an unlocked compatible cellular router from either Cradlepoint or Peplink. Contact us for details.

Cellular Routers

All Cellular routers require an activation fee of $49.99

All of our cellular routers from Peplink and Cradlepoint offer the following enterprise grade feature sets. Dual Sim Capable, Auto Failover/Failback, Remote Management Software, No Installation Required, Cell Booster Compatible, coast to coast service.

All of our routers can carry VPN traffic without impairing the flow of that traffic.

Peplink BR1 Mini Cat4/6

Cradlepoint AER1600

Cradlepoint COR IBR900


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Peplink BR1 Mini Cat 4 & Cat 6

Cat 4 $399.99 / Cat 6 $499.99

Both the Cat4 & Cat6 versions of this router offer basically the same features. The Big difference is the total number of concurrent users the router will comfortably handle.

The Cat4 will handle up to 5 users simultaneously while the Cat6 can handle up to 25 users simultaneously.

Both routers will provide up to 100Mbps of available speed, support VPN traffic and Gaming as well as VoIP, Streaming, WiFi Cameras and pretty much any other internet traffic you’d like. Both routers include a 1 year subscription to InControl 2 Remote router management software

InControl2 – Remote Management Softare – $29.95 p/month after 12 month trial

Peplinks proprietary software allows us to help you manage your cellular router. With it we can recover or change passwords for you, control data usage to various connected devices, whitelist or blacklist websites, control connected content received by connected devices and much more. InControl2 is a powerful network management tool that rivals features found in enterprise routers that cost thousands of dollars.

InControl2 also has an available license upgrade that will allow you to GPS track in realtime any device it is connected to. An ideal feature for fleet telematics as well as loss pervention in rental fleets.

Cradlepoint AER1600 (Advanced Edge Router)


The AER1600 is capable of handling customers that need a little more, well actually it will handle a lot more. This advanced edge router can handle up to 200 devices simultaneously, offers a full sweet of network management tools and has access to a variety of management and security apps. All of our Cradlepoint devices include a 1 year subscription to Netcloud.

Cradlepoint COR IBR900


The IBR900 series router from Cradlepoint is the ultimate in ruggedized cellular routers. This router is rated class I, Div II for hazardous environments, it can operate in environments up to 154 degrees farenheit,  it is Firstnet ready (band 14) and it can handle our maximum speeds of up to 150 Mbps. All in a package no bigger than a couple of cigarette packs. Plus it comes with all the other features found in our other Cradlepoint devices 

Uses for the IBR 900 include Emergency Management, Oil & Gas (including inside hazardous locations), Public Transit, Mobile Medical, Remote Security and more.


All of our Cradlepoint devices include a 1 year subscription to Netcloud.


$39.95 p/month after 12 month trial

Netcloud is Cradlepoint’s proprietary remote management software. similar to InCloud 2, Netcloud allows us to remotely manage your router. Taking care of routine tasks like password control, content access and firmware updates, Netcloud also features some extremely robust feature sets for security, offline upgrades, data analytics and much more. Netcloud offers WiFi and data security as well as VPN tunneling at a level unattainable with retail store routers.

What Our Customers Say About us!

Dealing with Remote Communications has been a pleasure. They are very informative and have excellent customer service. Installation was quick and precise, very clean and organized. I would recommend them to anyone that is in need of their services.
Brad Young
Permian Basin GM
Remote Communications installed the satellite internet service at our camp in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Because our camp location is in the mountains, traditional internet options are not available to us there. Sean Crawford was able to find a system for us to use at the camp that perfectly fits our internet needs. Working with Remote Communications has been awesome, and I highly recommend working with them to meet your communication needs.
Jonathan Horton
We are dedicated to providing communications in environments with little or no infrastructure
Sean Crawford
Just had wireless internet installed by Sean Crawford . He is very knowledgeable and resourceful , we had issues with installation he was able to correct them and got it done quickly and even cleaned up afterwards thank you job well done
cal henley
We strive everyday to provide our customers with the best rental systems available.
Great rental systems are the hallmark of what we do
Our Hughesnet installation went very smoothly. I received prompt, professional correspondence, and excellent service from this company.
Tim Mallardi
Project Manager
Sean did a great job with connecting the two-way radio internet link connecting the Ranches in West Texas to the Ranches in South Texas. We rely heavily on our two-way radios and Sean allowed us to connect these two regions to one radio system. His expertise was refreshing and he went well above the “call of duty” to assist our radio technician with the internet and satellite aspects of our communications systems.
Wyatt Ranches
Greg was great. Had some difficulty getting signal but was persistent and prevailed. Thank you Greg
Shelia L Hawthorne
Greg was a great technician. He was ontime and courteous. I would certainly recommend Remote Communications.
Carolyn Van Ee
Office Manager, LD Consultants LLC
Things went very well. The system is up and working very well.
Janie Stevens

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