Emergency Management Solutions

Remote Communications Provides Communications Solutions For Police, Fire, and Disaster Response Workers

Our Critical Communications Plans  Are Ideal For Emergency Management Agencies. 

Critical communications plans include packages specifically for use by emergency workers who have to meet the needs of thier community both in terms of public safety and budget.

Wireless Data Plans Can Be Used Anywhere The Emergency Worker Is Inside Cellular Coverage

Wireless data can be used to work as a standalone service or it can work with satellite services in an auto failover failback solution to give emergency services the best of both worlds.Additionally Wireless data hardware is so small it can be installed in the trunk of a car or even in the center console of one, providing both wires and wireless networks within an emergecy vehicle. Wireless data/hardware combinations also provide internet connectivity whil a vehicle is in motion.

Auto Acquire Satellite Systems Find The Satellite For You

Emergency personell have enough to do dealing with the situation they are called to. The last thing they need is to have to learn how to point a satellite antenna as well. Our Auto Acquire solutions from C-Com and our own branded VR7 platform will all find the satellite for you with just the push of a button. Our auto acquire systems will work with all of our critical communications plans and we even have models that will work with our high speed plans too.