Midland Texas knows the importance of critical communications

Remote Communications LLC Provides Emergency Responders With The Tools Needed To Get And Share Information.

We Ensure They Get That Info, On Time And On Site!


The world needs to be able to communicate with one another, to many of us that means phone calls, emails, and Facebook. It means talking about how our day went, the grand kids and of course politics.

But what about when the need to communicate becomes a critical matter, what about communicating when lives are on the line. Under these circumstances communication means delivering the needed information in a timely fashion where ever it is needed. That’s why the city of Midland Texas relies on Remote Communications LLC for it’s critical communications links in the field. Remote Communications provides satellite based internet, 3G/4G services, VoIP services and WiFi communications for a number of emergency response vehicles in the city of midland.

Emergency Management FP

City of Midland Mobile Command Center on the left, Hazmat 2 on the right.


Hazmat 2 responds to hazardous materials incidents all over midland county, from truck roll overs, to train incidents and the oilfields, when ever a hazardous materials response is needed this trucks heads for the scene. The satellite on board this truck provides the fire fighters on board with timely data on various hazardous materials and protocols wherever the incident may occur.

The cities mobile command center is dispatched when ever incident command is needed on scene, this may be anything from a major fire or criminal incident, to community events such as the 4th of July and our annual Rock The Desert event. The command center serves the needs of 13 surrounding counties and whenever it rolls Remote Communications sees to it that the internet rolls right along with it.



And now the city of Midland, TX has added Remote Communications to another of it’s emergency management resources.

City of Midland – Health Department Community Response Trailer




A new C-Com 1.2 meter auto acquire Satellite Antenna

Internet, Wifi, VoIP Phone, Battery Backup and Radios make this communications package ready to meet the needs of the citizens this trailer serves.

The city of Midland Health department has a community response trailer that it uses for emergency responses effecting the greater community. Flooding, tornadoes, wild fires and other emergencies create health risks and needs. The health departments trailer can go out and meet those needs wherever they happen. This trailer has a full communications package on board, Satellite Internet, 4G Internet, WiFi,  and VoIP Phone service all newly installed and supported by Remote Communications. Add to this the radio system already on board and the city of Midland, Health department can easily meet the needs of the citizens it serves regardless of the incident.



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