Remote Communications Tip Of The Day #3

There are 3 basic types of internet. They are, Residential, Business and Enterprise. The type you need to use is based on what your needs are. Think of it like this. Let’s say you want to move a 4 bedroom house from New York to California. You could buy a hatchback, the upfront cost is relatively low and it has great fuel economy keeping the on going operating cost low, A pickup truck has a higher upfront cost and a higher operating cost, you could also buy an 18 wheeler it has both the highest capital cost and operating cost, but if you look at our cross country move the big rig makes...

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Remote Communications Tip Of The Day #2

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Remote Communications Tip Of The Day #1

If your satellite TV picture has little tiny blocks appearing all over it, check the weather, if the weather isn’t bad you have a poorly aimed satellite dish. Contact us to come out and repoint it. We’ll get it right!

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